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                                                                         Khmer (Cambodian) Inspired, Bas relief  Metal Table  Sculpture.
This project is a Metal Table Sculpture for the Khek family. It is of a deceased family member. Sohkom was a beloved father, son, brother and friend. I am making this Metal Table Sculpture in the fashion of cambodia's famous Bas-Relief Sculptures. Cambodian sculptures are primarily Bas-Relief Stone carvings worked into massive stones that were stacked on top of one another. I am attempting to honor the family member and capture this style of sculpture using my metalworking methods. I chose very thick Aluminum as the medium.
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Cheatisrleanh (Beloved) Sohkom
I want the "Cheatisrleanh Sohkom" Metal Table Sculpture to resemble Sohkom but also have similar facial features common to cambodian Bas relief, stone sculptures.
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Memorial Metal Table Sculpture Build Pics
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Bas relief / Aluminum Metal Table Sculpture Build Image 2
Details and Polishing
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Metal Sculpture Build Image 3
James Perkins Metal Sculpture Studios 513.497.2200
Metal Sculpture Build Image 4
James Perkins Metal Sculpture Studios 513.497.2200
Aluminum Metal Sculpture Build Image 5
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